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Products Small Wind Turbines ESPE FX Series 19.8, 49, 50, 60, 75, 100kW

Packaging the technology of a large wind turbine into a smaller wind turbine generator is a real technological challenge. This was the starting point for ESPE to produce the FX range, the latest generation of wind turbine generators entirely developed and produced by ESPE in the Padua plant. As we all know the wind is not a constant: manufacturing a machine that reacts instantaneously to the abrupt and unpredictable variations in wind speed and direction, which begins to produce electricity even with weak winds, but is capable of staying active even with very strong winds before going into safety conditions and, first and foremost, is able to maintain a constant output power were the most demanding challenges that ESPE faced and overcame.


FX Series

ESPE FX range is the 19.8, 49, 50, 60, 75, 100 kW wind turbine generator family with cut-in at 3 / 3.5 m/s. Thanks to an aerospace type conceptual design, all FX series turbines operate with 25 m/s cut-off wind speed, wind speed over which the WTG will go into safety conditions in just 5 seconds. All of this takes place by means of braking devices and preloaded elastic energy accumulation devices in order to ensure that even in the most adverse conditions the WTG will still be able to go into safety conditions.


Optimized turbine

The 3 blades, each made of a single block of fiberglass reinforced resin, range from 16 to 32 meters in diameter for a total of up to more than 800 m2 swept area and their profile was designed in cooperation with the University of Padua. Particular attention was given to minimizing maintenance in order to increase reliability. The ESPE WTG has a low rpm Direct Drive type generator which, not having a Gear Box, has the advantage of drastically reducing maintenance inside the nacelle as well as increasing efficiency. Also, the technical room has been built into the base of the 30 m tower in order to avoid external construction of technical 
buildings. In any case, access to the nacelle is provided by an external ladder with a certified life line. All the parameters are remotely monitored constantly using the most modern monitoring and interface devices available.

The ESPE FX range is the wind turbine generator that bundles together technology, safety and maximized performance.


ES Series

Our ES series wind turbines are recognized for their outstanding performance, durability and unrivalled run time, and our product range includes the first and only ATEX approved turbine in the world.

We stand out from other small wind turbines due to a unique delta rotor design, which allows our turbines to regulate their speed. As the wind gets stronger, the blades pitch and cone ensuring our turbines maintain a high output even in the fiercest storms- unlike other turbines which need to be put on brake to protect themselves.

ES3 Micro Wind Turbine

The ES3 Micro Wind turbine is the smallest turbine in the ESPE Wind range and is ideally suited for remote access sites, small domestic properties, telecoms and off-grid applications. Offering an unrivalled 25+ year track record, the KW3 is amongst the most sought after small wind turbine in the world.

ES6 Micro Wind Turbine

ESPE is the most popular turbine in our range, regarded by many as the turbine of choice. Ideally suited for rural domestic, farmers, land owners and light industrial applications. It is fully certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and is therefore eligible for Feed-in Tariffs and Regional Incentives.


All ESPE wind turbines are available in low temperature versions able to operate in temperatures of -40 Degrees.